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Purkinje cells in the development of cerebellar microcircuitries and function

Project summary

Neurodevelopmental disorders typically are linked to sensitive or critical periods in development. Purkinje cells (PCs) are the sole output of the cerebellar cortex but the role of PC activity during early postnatal development and its potential to cause motor and cognitive disorders remains unclear. The hypothesis of this project is that PC activity during early postnatal ages of development is critical for primordial cerebellar circuit formation, its maturation and ultimately its role in cerebellar dependent behaviours.


This work will be pioneering as it aims to determine the role of PC output in formation of the correct neuronal circuitry and to reveal the developmental periods in which intrinsic activity is fundamental for functioning of the cerebellar cortex, which will be critical to help understanding the pathophysiology of neuro-developmental disorders.

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