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A healthy start and life course for all

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The food-knowledge gateway to health

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Data-driven approaches for a healthy life course

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Understand and combat diseases

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European University Hospital Alliance

A network of nine of the best university hospitals in Europe sharing their expertise in healthcare, research and education.

Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC)

Erasmus MC, TU Delft and EUR are building a Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC). This knowledge center brings together top scientists with knowledge of pandemic threats and climate-related calamities to build an ambitious research agenda for the future. The Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center will be based at Delft University of Technology and Erasmus MC. Eventually, a joint location will be sought for the Convergence, where the PDPC can also perform its work. The PDPC will of course also work closely with the Netherlands Centre for One Health, where a multitude of institutes already conduct multidisciplinary research on outbreaks of infectious diseases, and where Marion Koopmans plays an important role.

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European Reference Networks

ERNs help professionals and centres of expertise in different countries to share knowledge.

ECHO: European Children's Hospitals Organisation

ECHO advocates for children’s health and their access to the best quality care through the collaborative work of children’s hospitals.

The Global Alliance of Medical Excellence

GAME is a strategic international network of medical schools that share a common interest in promoting innovative medical education and undertaking impactful research

The Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project aims to put in place a cutting-edge research infrastructure that will allow scientific and industrial researchers to advance their knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, computing, and brain-related medicine.

Health Research Infrastructure initiative (Health-RI)

Health-RI is a public-private partnership of organizations involved in health research and care. More than 70 organizations in the Netherlands endorse efforts to build an integrated health data research infrastructure accessible for researchers, citizens and care providers.

The Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL)

The Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) is a public-private partnership of more than 45 life science organisations in the Netherlands.


HollandPTC is an independent outpatient centre for proton therapy, scientific research and education, based in Delft. It was founded by Erasmus MC, LUMC and TU Delft.

Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technologies (hDMT)

The hDMT institute (Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technologies) is a precompetitive non-profit technological R&D institute, initiated in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH)

The Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) aims for an integrated One Health approach to tackle the global risk of infectious diseases.


Oncode is an independent institute dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice.

Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition (NL AIC)

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) aims to stimulate, support and where necessary organize the Dutch activities in AI field. The NL AIC wants the Netherlands to become a frontrunners in Europe in the field of knowledge and application of AI. The NL AIC brings organizations together to tackle the challenges of these areas of application with AI, including government social missions.


The TU Delft, the highest ranked university of technology of the Netherlands, and Erasmus MC, the largest university medical centre in the Netherlands, together have the expertise, resources, facilities and drive to profoundly impact on the future of health and healthcare in the Netherlands and beyond. We now wish to move beyond traditional ways of collaboration to a new way of joining forces.


BeterKeten is an initiative that stimulates, facilitates and supports collaboration between health care institutions in the Rijnmond region. Projects are related to patient care and / or scientific research, with the interests of the patient being paramount.

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE)

The LDE alliance works closely with societal partners in South-Holland (such as municipalities and provinces) to contribute more effectively to the development of the region. The network is also intended to strengthen the effectiveness and position of the three cooperating universities at both national and international level. The partnership is based on four societal themes: Sustainable Society, Inclusive Society, Healthy Society and Digital Society.

Medical Delta

Network of life science, health and technology partners.


The Electronic Health Data in a European Network (EHDEN) Consortium leverages the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other types of health databases to improve future clinical practice and individual patient outcomes by increasing our understanding of disease and treatment pathways. EHDEN will galvanize transparent and reproducible analytics that will generate valid real-world evidence to improve patient care, and enable medical outcomes-based research at an unprecedented scale. The EHDEN Consortium provides the infrastructure and eco-system supporting disease-specific projects in the IMI Big Data for Better Outcomes (BD4BO) programme.

The Executive Board of the Erasmus MC is committed to promoting gender equality in research and innovation. It is part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Erasmus MC for 2021-2027, which sets out the Erasmus MC’s broader commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion across all aspects in our organization.