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DNA methylation

Project summary

Our environment, lifestyle choices and disease status influence our genome via chemical DNA modifications such as DNA methylation. To study DNA methylation variation, scientists chemically treat DNA with sodium bisulfite, known to cause DNA fragmentation and loss. Despite its popularity, no method exists so far that can assess this conversion process. Without knowing the quality and quantity of bisulfite-converted DNA, subsequent analysis can lead to inaccurate results and misleading outcomes. Dr. Vidaki has invented the first-of-its-kind, cost-effective and robust method to simultaneously quantify bisulfite-converted DNA’s concentration, conversion efficiency, fragmentation and inhibition. In this project, the novel patent-pending tool will first be transferred to the most popular detection systems, and then thoroughly validated and tested in the end-user environment in collaboration with network partners. Once the Demonstrator technology is built, it will be guided through the valorization process for licensing and eventual commercialization by a third party. Keywords: epigenetics, DNA methylation, quantification, bisulfite


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Dr. A.Vidaki

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Department of Genetic Identification

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