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A digital antimicrobial stewardship smartphone application to combat AMR: the AB-assistant

Project summary

Antimicrobials are an indispensable part of modern medicine. However, optimal prescription of these agents is becoming increasingly challenging because of the growing complexity of guidelines, and constantly changing epidemiology.

The project proposes to :

  1. develop an AB-assistant app based on the existing Spectrum app(Calgary) with improvements to enhance antimicrobial stewardship in large parts of the world
  2. test the usability of this app in different countries to determine barriers and facilitators
  3. evaluate the AB-assistant in an international, multicentre, randomized clinical trial involving centres in 4 countries in different settings with appropriate antimicrobial use as a primary outcome and
  4. use factors identified in this study to facilitate further customization and worldwide implementation of AB-assistant.


The developed digital steward will be uses in different countries worldwide which will increase adherence to prescription guidelines and reduce antimicrobial resistance. The project will thus provide an evidence-based framework for antimicrobial management that is 24/7 available on the smartphone of the prescribing physician.

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