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A European Cancer Image Platform Linked to Biological and Health Data for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine in Oncology (EUCanImage)

Project summary

EuCanImage will build a highly secure, federated and large-scale European cancer imaging platform, with capabilities that will greatly improve capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in oncology. Firstly, the EuCanImage platform will be populated with a completely new data resource totaling over 25,000 single subjects, which will allow to investigate unmet clinical needs e.g., the detection of small liver lesions and metastases of colorectal cancer, or estimating molecular subtypes of breast tumours and pathological complete response. Secondly, the cancer imaging platform will be cross-linked to biological and health repositories through the European Genome-phenome Archive, allowing to develop multi-scale AI solutions that integrate organ-level, molecular and other clinical predictors into dense patient specific cancer fingerprints


The close collaboration between world-renowned experts in cancer research, AI and bioethics will establish necessary guidelines for developing standardised, trusted and transferable decisions support systems in future clinical oncology.

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Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

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Horizon 2020