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(EU-STANDS4PM) A European standardization framework for data integration and data-driven in silico models for personalized medicine

Project summary

The capacity to generate data in Life Sciences and health research with modern omics and imaging technologies has increased many orders of magnitude in the last decade. However, and despite the ever progressing technological advances in producing data, the exploitation of Big Data information to generate new knowledge for medical benefits, while guaranteeing data privacy and security, is lacking behind its full potential. To overcome the obstacles, we will establish a pan-European Expert forum with two main objectives: (i) to assess and evaluate national standardization strategies for interoperable health data integration (such as omics-, disease-focused-, clinical-/treatment- or healthcare- and socioeconomic-/lifestyle-data) as well as data-driven in silico modelling approaches and (ii) to harmonize and develop universal (cross-border) standards as well as recommendations for in silico methodologies applied in personalized medicine approaches.


The EU-STANDS4PM consortium— has the overarching aim to bundle transnational standardization guidelines for in silico methodologies in transnational and clinical research to unfold the potential of personalized medicine.

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Horizon 2020