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A loyalty program to motivate vulnerable women to engage in preconception care: ‘from voucher to tablet’

Project summary

Vulnerable women with a desire to conceive are more likely to have risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes, but are also more difficult to reach and motivate for preconception care. In this project we want to encourage these women in a responsible way to improve their lifestyle even before pregnancy and to better find their way to the preconception care consultation.

We do this by developing a so-called loyalty program in which vulnerable women are increasingly rewarded for a healthy lifestyle and participation in preconception care. The program is developed and tested in collaboration with the vulnerable target group itself, in order to tailor it as best as possible to their specific wishes and needs.


This approach can help healthcare providers support their clients to manage their own health by improving their unhealthy lifestyle and thereby also increasing the likelihood of a pregnancy with an uncomplicated course.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. dr. Régine Steegers-Theunissen

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Verloskunde & Gynaecologie

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