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A parallel evaluation of three novel screening methods for hyperbilirubinaemia in newborns cared for at home

Project summary

Many babies see a little yellow in the first week of life. Excessive bilirubin, the color that causes yellowing, can be dangerous and can even cause lifelong disabilities. We are investigating three new approaches to better recognize yellowing, so that it can be treated on time and complications can be prevented.

For babies who are at home in the first week, midwives will use a skin meter and a smartphone app to measure the yellow color. When babies are too yellow, blood is pricked to measure the bilirubin as normal. Now that happens in a laboratory, often in the hospital. We will see if we can also measure the bilirubin at home with a new device.


After this research, we know whether we can recognize babies that are too yellow and faster with these new methods, in order to better protect their health.

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Dr. J.V. Been

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