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(BigMedilytics) Big Data for Medical Analytics

Project summary

A Healthy nation is a Wealthy nation! An improvement in health leads to economic growth through long-term gains in human and physical capital, which ultimately raises productivity and per capita GDP. Healthcare is one of the most expensive sectors, which accounts for 10% of the EU’s GDP continuously becoming more expensive. And as healthcare is traditionally very conservative with adopting ICT, while big healthcare data is becoming available, the expected impact of applying big data technologies in Healthcare is enormous. BigMedilytics will transform Europe’s Healthcare sector by using state-of-the-art Big Data technologies to achieve breakthrough productivity in the sector by reducing cost, improving patient outcomes and delivering better access to healthcare facilities simultaneously, covering the entire Healthcare Continuum – from Prevention to Diagnosis, Treatment and Home Care throughout Europe.


BigMedilytics will transform Europe’s Healthcare sector by achieving maximum productivity by decreasing costs and patient outcomes and by covering the entire Healthcare Continuum.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Eric Boersma

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Funding Agency:

Horizon 2020