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(BioFN) Biomarkers for Infant Fat Mass Development and Nutrition

Project summary

Childhood obesity is a rapidly growing problem. Weight loss programs have limited effects and prevention is our only hope to stem this new epidemic. Infant fat mass development in particular, has long-term effects on later body fat mass and thus metabolic health. Lipid profiles may be used as biomarkers for fat mass development and provide predictive biomarkers for later childhood obesity. BioFN will use lipid profiling in samples from two birth cohort studies, Sophia-Pluto (Rotterdam, NL) and Cambridge Baby Growth Study (UK) that both have very precise body composition data. This will allow us to develop predictive biomarkers for fat distribution.


By quantifying the dietary effect on lipid metabolism, gut microbiome metabolism and fat distribution BioFN will provide tools to prevent of childhood obesity.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Prof. dr. Anita Hokken-Koelega

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Funding Agency:

Joint Programming Initiative a healthy diet for a healthy life