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(B-Q Mind) Breakthroughs in Quantitative Magnetic resonance ImagiNg for improved DEtection of brain

Project summary

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the most useful and rapidly growing neuroimaging tools. Unfortunately, signal intensities in conventional MRI images are expressed in relative units that depend on scanner hardware and acquisition protocols hampering quantitative comparison of tissue properties within a scan, between successive scans, and between subjects. In contrast, advanced quantitative MRI (Q-MRI) methods like MR relaxometry or diffusion MRI do enable absolute quantification of biophysical tissue characteristics. However, due to the long scan time required for Q-MRI, causing discomfort for patients and limiting the throughput, Q-MRI methods have not entered clinical practice yet. B-Q MINDED aims to overcome the current barriers by developing widely-applicable post-processing breakthroughs for accelerating Q-MRI.To accomplish this goal, B-Q MINDED proposes a collaborative cross-disciplinary approach (from basic MR physics to clinical applications) with strong involvement of industry (2 MRI vendors and 3 MRI-software SMEs). By combining research, innovation, and education, B-Q MINDED will pave the way for introducing Q-MRI into the clinic.


B-Q MINDED will enable quantitative comparison of tissue properties with Q-MRI within a short time paving the way for introducing Q-MRI into the clinic.

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Horizon 2020