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Centrum voor Proefdiervrije Biomedische Translatie

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Liquid Themes

Centrum voor Proefdiervrije Biomedische Translatie

Project summary

The translation of biomedical knowledge to patients and users produces new medicines, medical technology and foodstuffs. This is good for our health and economy. Animal testing is currently an important link in the biomedical development process, but is increasingly under pressure. They are often not a good model for the application, cost a lot of time and money and cause animal suffering. To continue to improve the health of humans and animals, a radically different approach is needed: making the transition to humans and animals better and faster without relying on animal testing as the gold standard.


The Center for Animal-Free Biomedical Translation (CPBT) will accelerate the transition to animal-free biomedical innovations with the contribution from the National Growth Fund (NGF). This will yield economic and social benefits: better medicines and less animal testing.

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Pim Pijnappel

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Klinische Genetics

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Nationaal Groeifonds

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