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(PREOPANC-2) The (cost) effectiveness of neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX versus direct surgery for patients with (borderline) resectable pancreatic cancer

Project summary

A surgical removal of pancreatic tumors only makes sense if there is no metastasis, which is difficult to check. Often patients undergo this heavy operation, find out metastases afterwards, but due to the operation the patients are not healthy enough to undergo chemotherapy.
It is also known that patients whose pancreatic tumor cannot be removed receive FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy. These patients have a longer life and better quality of life.
This research investigates whether FOLFIRINOX therapy would also benefit patients who will undergo surgical removal by comparing the standard procedure (removal followed by chemotherapy) as compared to chemotherapy prior to excision.


This research investigates whether chemotherapy prior to surgical removal of pancreatic tumor is more effective, leading to longer survival, less ineffective operations and a better quality of life than the current procedure, which is removal prior to chemotherapy.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Bas Groot Koerkamp

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KWF Kankerbestrijding