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Continuing somatostatin analogues upon progression in neuroendocrine tumor patients (SAUNA)

Project summary

In neuroendocrine tumours (NET) of the stomach, intestine and pancreas, hormone therapy with somatostatin analogues (SSA) is usually used as the first treatment if the disease cannot be cured. This treatment is continued for life in hormonally active NET. However, it is currently unclear whether it makes sense to continue treatment with hormone therapy in the majority of patients with hormonally inactive NET if the tumour grows below and thus additional treatment is indicated.


The aim of this clinical trial is to investigate the usefulness of continuing hormone therapy after growth of a NET of the stomach, intestine or pancreas that is not hormonally active. The study will take place among 270 patients at 21 hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Patients will be able to choose second-line therapy with peptide receptor radiotherapy or targeted therapy after consultation with their doctor. Patients will then draw lots within this study between continuation and discontinuation of hormone therapy during second-line therapy.


This study will show whether continuation of hormone therapy for patients with NET during second-line therapy will have a positive effect on the absence of tumour growth and on quality of life. It will also look at the costs, survival and side effects resulting from the treatment.

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prof. dr. Wouter de Herder

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