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(ChERISH) Corticosteroids for treatment of chronic subdural hematoma

Project summary

1800 patients are diagnosed in the Netherlands with chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) at an annual base. This number will only increase with our aging population and increasing use of anticoagulants. CSDH can be treated with a surgical operation, which is expensive and often causes side effects, while the second treatment means intake of corticosteroids. The effectiveness of the treatments have never been compared directly which explains why some hospitals apply a surgical operation and others apply corticosteroid medicine. If corticosteroid treatment is as effective as surgery it would mean a cost reduction of 6.5 million euro/year.
With this research the investigators compare the effectiveness of the two treatments and will develop a guideline for the optimal treatment of CSDH.


Currently, there are two treatments to help patients with chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH). Of one method, clinicians expect less complications for the patient and it is cheaper as well. However, the effectiveness of the treatments have never been compared while it is important to both patients and insurance companies to know the results.

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Dr. Ruben Dammers

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