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COVID-19 Follow-up care paths and long-term outcomes in the Dutch health care system

Project summary

To further develop the care paths for after care for current and future patients with COVID-19, the study aims to follow the care paths of all COVID-19 patients who survived hospitalization in Rotterdam-Rijnmond over a 2 yrs-period and to study: 1] trajectories of physical, cognitive and psychological recovery; 2] patient flows, health care utilization, patient/relative satisfaction, and barriers/facilitators as experienced by care professionals; 3] effects of physical, cognitive and psychological outcomes on social participation and health-related quality of life; and 4] risk factors for post-hospital mortality and long-term disability and effects of diversity on health outcomes, health care utilization, and patient/relative satisfaction.


Within this research, care paths are developed for aftercare to current and future COVID-19 patients who have been hospitalized. It concerns the physical, the cognitive and the psychological aspects of recovery.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. H.J.G. (Rita) van den Berg-Emons

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