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COVID-19 in cancer patients

Project summary

In a database, the patient’s characteristics are recorded anonymously, such as age, the type of cancer and the treatment for the disease. The course of the disease after infection with the coronavirus is also discussed: which patients went to intensive care, who recovered and which patients died. In this way, the researchers hope to arrive at evidence-based treatment guidelines, in which it is possible to switch to other treatments, if this proves necessary for certain groups of patients. Treatment for cancer can affect a patient’s resistance. This may have an impact on the severity of the course of the disease after corona infection.


We all want to guide our patients through this period as safely as possible. But there are still too many ambiguities to actually adjust treatments. Especially now that the crisis seems to be going on for a longer period of time, you want to be able to make well-founded treatment decisions.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. Anne-Marie Dingemans en dr. Astrid van der Veldt

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