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Project summary

Erasmus MC diabetes patients can carry out the periodical measurements that are necessary to assess their health themselves. They will, for instance, be able to photograph their eyes and their feet. To achieve this, Erasmus MC, in close cooperation with Joop Wallenburg, developed an innovative DiabetesStation.
The measuring station is patient-oriented, very easy to use and hygienic. The patient is guided through the measurement procedures with the aid of a touch screen monitor. All data will be assessed on the basis of the threshold values the patient has entered beforehand. If these are exceeded, the system will immediately provide information about the dangers involved, or give advice on nutrition and exercise. If necessary, a patient will be referred to their physician for an early consultation. The physician will receive this information by e-mail. The patient can take in all the information without any time pressure.


The station will ensure the future quality of the care of a fast-growing group of diabetes patients.

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