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(NutriPROGRAM) Early-life Nutritional Programming of Metabolic Health through Epigenetic Pathways

Project summary

Nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood can have an effect on later health. How food can have such an effect is not well known. It is possible that nutrition leads to changes in DNA methylation. These are changes that do not change the structure of the DNA, but can influence the activity of genes. The NutriPROGRAM project will investigate the relationship between mother and child nutrition and DNA methylation and health in later life. The emphasis is on metabolic health, for example overweight and diabetes. NutriPROGRAM uses data from existing studies in pregnant women, children and adults. Researchers from the Netherlands, England, Germany, Spain and Canada work together in NutriPROGRAM


Ultimately, this international collaboration will lead to more knowledge about nutrition, DNA methylation and health throughout life.

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Joint Programming Initiative a healthy diet for a healthy life