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Enhancing health systems sustainability by providing cost-efficiency data based interventions for chronic management in stratified population based on clinical and socio-economic determinants of health (EFFICHRONIC)

Project summary

Many neuropsychiatric disorders are treated using drugs that target the transmission of the neurotransmitter serotonin. However, the suboptimal efficacy of these drugs alongside new lines of research highlighting a role for serotonin in neurodevelopment have urged scientists to revisit the origins and treatment of these disorders. The EU-funded SEROTONIN and BEYOND project will work under the hypothesis that serotonin-related neuropsychiatric disorders are caused by neurodevelopmental changes. To address this scientific concept, the project will train early-stage researchers in state-of-the-art techniques, preparing them for a bright career in the field.


Our Early Stage Researchers will increase the level of critical knowledge in the multi-level trajectories through which serotonin shapes transdiagnostic behaviour and cognition during critical windows in brain development. Through the integration of neurotechnologies and preclinical-clinical research, new discoveries can be expected. Furthermore, the training we provide in S&B allows ESRs to deliver insights in critical windows for interventions as well as new ideas for future intervention approaches redirecting serotonin-mediated developmental changes. This will lead to improved prevention of these disorders and promote mental health.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. Henning Tiemeier

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Funding Agency:

H2020: Marie Sklodowska Curie