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Enhancing health systems sustainability by providing cost-efficiency data based interventions for chronic management in stratified population based on clinical and socio-economic determinants of health (EFFICHRONIC)

Project summary

The project EFFICHRONIC aims to provide evidence on the positive return of investment and cost-efficiency of the application of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme (CDSMP) in 5 different European countries (France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and UK) with a particular focus on the health, medical, social, cultural and economic factors linked with a higher burden of chronic disorders in Europe.


The results of this project obtained in five European countries, confirm the effectiveness of the new wellness model for chronic patients and their communities. Almost 3,000 people from vulnerable groups already use the Chronic Disease Self Management Programme (CDSMP) to improve their quality of life in complex environments. People can take control of their health with information and simple tools to prevent diseases and disseminate good practices in their communities. This has been demonstrated by using the CDSMP in four groups strategically selected according to their socioeconomic and cultural conditions.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. Hein Raat

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Funding Agency:

Third EU Health Program