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(ECRAID-Plan) European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases

Project summary

Infectious diseases (ID) pose a continuous and serious threat to global health and economies. Reducing the impact of emerging infectious diseases (EID) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) requires long-term, sustainable, international efforts. The European consortia COMBACTE and PREPARE have the joint ambition to establish a coordinated, permanent, pan-European infrastructure for clinical research on ID (ECRAID). The mission of ECRAID is to reduce the impact of ID on individual and population health by generating rigorous evidence to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of IDs, and to better respond to ID threats


ECRAID is a European-wide initiative that aims to establish a self-sustaining clinical research organisation and network for infectious diseases. The first of its kind, ECRAID will bring together clinical research in emerging infectious diseases with antimicrobial resistance.

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Horizon 2020