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Evidence based practice regarding psychotropic medication for syndrome-related behavioral phenotypes and psychopathology in adults with Prader-Willi syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Smith Magenis syndrome

Project summary

In the case of genetic syndromes, specific behavioral and psychological characteristics may occur (behavioral phenotypes). These behavioral phenotypes require a multidisciplinary approach, with preference usually being given to non-drug treatment. However, the use of behavior-influencing medication with specific syndromes is common and there is a need for more knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of this medication.
This project aims to contribute to this knowledge by bringing together scientific evidence (through systematic reviews), practical knowledge (through retrospective file research) and expert opinion (using the Delphi method).


The results of this project will be used to formulate recommendations for doctors for the mentally disabled and psychiatrists, to ensure optimal treatment of people with syndrome-related behavioral phenotypes.

More detailed information

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Dr. Dederieke Maes-Festen

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