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(FIAT) Factors influencing access to transplantation: a qualitative research on stakeholders’ perspective

Project summary

This research investigates which factors could help to improve faster and more equivalent access to kidney transplantation using different perspectives of stakeholders (patients, healthcare workers, policy makers and insurance companies).
The research is divided into three stages; stage 1 – identification of factors that contribute to the realization of a (pre-emptive) transplantation by talking with the separate groups of stakeholders, stage 2 – discussing the complete outcome of the different groups of stakeholders with these groups, stage 3 – developing possible solutions and new strategies based on the results of stage 2 and discuss these with the aforementioned parties. The result will be a recommendation for timely and equal access to kidney transplantations.


This research is focused to improve access to kidney transplantation. Improved access to kidney transplantation would help kidney patients enormously.

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