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Gallantries: Bridging Training Communities in Life Science, Environment and Health

Project summary

Recent technological advances in the area of genomic sequencing have resulted in an explosion of the amount of data being generated in the life sciences. As a result, the life sciences have become increasingly computational in nature, and bioinformatics has taken on a central role in research studies. However, basic computational skills and data stewardship are rarely taught in life science educational programs, resulting in a skills gap in many of the researchers tasked with analysing these big datasets.

The Gallantries project aims to fill this gap and increase bioinformatics and core data analysis skills in the field of life sciences. We will build on two existing projects, the Galaxy project ( and The Carpentries ( in order to create a comprehensive modular bioinformatics curriculum, consisting of interrelated but independent modules covering the latest developments in the field. These modules can be integrated into existing Master and PhD-programmes either combined or individually. They will also be suitable for stand-alone use in workshops for researchers, answering the demand for supplemental education of later-career researchers.


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dr. Andrew Stubbs and Saskia Hiltemann

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