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Health Outcomes Observatory (H2O)

Project summary

The aim of H2O is to create ‘health outcomes observatories’ that will amplify the patient voice both in their own healthcare and in healthcare systems more broadly. The health outcomes observatories will work by providing patients with digital tools, including an app, to report their health outcomes in a standardised way. Patients will always maintain control of their own data and will decide who can access it. At one level, the information will help clinicians and patients to make better decisions on their care.

Meanwhile, the data will be anonymised and tracked so that individual patients and their clinicians can compare their progress with other patients with similar health issues. This aggregated data could also form the basis of research into new, innovative, evidence-based treatments.


H2O is set to transform the use of patient-reported information in health care, enrich the interaction between patient and provider and, as a result, drive better outcomes for patients. The H2O approach will deliver a positive impact across the health care ecosystem by enhancing health research prospects, promoting the development of new treatments that reflect outcomes reported by patients and sustaining more efficient healthcare systems.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

prof. Jan Hazelzet

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Project website:

Not available

Funding Agency:

Innovative Medicines Initiative