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Identification of patterns in B-cell replication in multiple sclerosis: Gemmy Mibeth Tichelaar Award 2018

Project summary

B-cells are immune cells responsible for the production of antibodies. In some multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, rapid B-cell replication is observed in the cerebrospinal fluid. It is currently unknown when exactly this replication occurs, and if it is related to the induction origin of MS or rather a reaction to tissue damage. Additionally, it is unclear how many MS patients show this rapid B-cell replication and which B-cell subtypes are activated. If we observe similarities in B-cell replication patterns in MS patients, this suggests that these replicating B-cells may be a cause of MS.


It is crucial to gain more knowledge about the role of B-cells in MS. If rapid B-cell replication occurs early during the disease course, this indicates a role for B-cells in MS development. Insights from this project can also be used for personalized therapy, to predict which patients will benefit from the currently available B-cell therapies.

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Karim Kreft

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Funding Agency:

Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Foundation /
Stichting MS Research