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Identification of the pathogenesis of COVID-19 pathology in the Dutch population

Project summary

COVID-19 is characterized by a marked variation in expression and severity of disease between patients, and is strong time dependent. It is hitherto insufficiently clear which tissue reactions and pathogenetic processes are involved underlie variation. This limits the development of specific diagnostic agents as well as of personalized therapy for individual patients. Study of the tissue of patients affected by COVID-19 is possible in this clarifying in this respect, because in the tissue a distinction can be made between directly caused by the virus damage, autoimmunity and the clotting phenomena now known from the clinic, which may all be different need treatment.


These data are expected to lead to an improved understanding of the origin and variability of this disease lead to personalized treatment, and therefore hopefully survival.

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Dr. J. (Jan) von der Thüsen

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