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Immune Signatures for Therapy Stratification in Major Mood Disorders (MOODSTRATIFICATION)

Project summary

MOODSTRATIFICATION brings together 11 partners (psychiatrists, immunologists, epidemiologists, industry) from 7 countries stratifying patients with a major depressive episode on the basis of leukocyte immune profiles. The immune profiles were found in two previous EU projects, which also delivered the novel concept, that T cell defects with episodes of chronic mild inflammation are a causal factor for a large part of mood disorders. The immune profiles determine therapy choice with (combinations of) conventional and novel therapies with immune modulators (e.g. anti-inflammatory and T cell enforcement therapies). On the basis of recent data we expect that the present poor response rates of about 50% to anti-depressant therapy will improve considerably to 80-90%. Mood disorders are complex diseases with a high prevalence (12-20%) and are the second highest contributor to the number of years lived with disability worldwide.


It’s a realistic scenario that in the 2020’s we will be able to give a personalised treatment to patients with psychiatric disorders like depressions, based on the immune signatures in these patients.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. Hemmo Drexhage

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Horizon 2020