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Implementatie van een palliatieve, niet-operatieve behandeling bij kwetsbare ouderen met een zeer beperkte levensverwachting die een heup breken (FRAIL-HIP-Implementatie)

Project summary

This project is important to provide vulnerable patients who break a hip towards the end of life with the care that best suits their wishes for the last phase of life. An approach focused on quality of life (and the dying process) and comfort are often more important for those patients than a policy focused on unattainable restoration of function. For some, this will be surgery; for others, palliative non-operative management (PNOM) will be more appropriate. It is known from the previous study (FRAIL-HIP) that PNOM is a good option, specifically focusing on pain management. Together with the patient (or relatives), the surgeon, geriatrician and possibly specialist geriatrics, a consideration is made as to whether PNOM is appropriate for the individual patient. Based on the FRAIL-HIP study, among others, an implementation protocol for PNOM has been created. This project aims to implement that protocol (first on a smaller scale and then nationwide) in hospitals

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Principal Investigator:

dr. Michiel Verhofstad

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