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Influence of maternal preconception and early-pregnancy health on pregnancy and offspring outcomes. From risk selection to interventions in multi-ethnic populations

Project summary

Early life is already very important for our health later in life. More and more research shows that early pregnancy, and even the preconception period, are important periods for birth outcomes and later health.

This project aims to develop prevention strategies aimed at improving the lifestyle and reducing stress of future parents, starting from the preconception period, in order to improve the course of pregnancy, birth outcomes and the health of their children. This project will be carried out within the Generation R Next study, a large study in Rotterdam from the preconception period focused on future parents and their children. For the project we will work closely with the Rotterdam Center for Pregnancy & Child, the ZonMw Regional Consortium Pregnancy & Birth Southwest Netherlands and the Municipality of Rotterdam.


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Dr. Romy Gaillard

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