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Is mindfulness an effective strategy against cardiovascular disease?

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Is mindfulness an effective strategy against cardiovascular disease?

Project summary

Stress is just as great a risk factor for the development of arterial calcification as, for example, smoking. This project will investigate a whole new approach aimed at treating chronic stress.
One of the effects of mindfulness training is that people are much more aware of the activation of their stress system and that they recover faster after stress. The researchers expect that several signaling molecules in the blood, including cholesterol and stress hormones and molecules that are involved in the immune system, decrease as a result of mindfulness training. They hypothesize that the decrease of these signaling molecules will result in less arterial calcification.
Moreover they expect that the training will help to break unhealthy habits / will help to make healthier choices and may reduce feelings of sadness and anxiety
This project will measure whether mindfulness training reduces the risk of serious cardiovascular disease.


Mindfulness training may provide personal guidance in keeping your blood vessels healthy.

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Dr. Ellen Rouwet

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