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(BUBBLE CURE)Targeted microbubble vibrations to accurately diagnose and treat
cardiac device-related bacterial biofilm infections

Project summary

Life-threatening bacterial infections associated with implanted cardiac devices are a major healthcare burden and pose scientific challenges. Ultrasound imaging is currently the primary diagnostic modality, however it lacks specificity and sensitivity because the signal from the bacteria is similar to the signal of healthy tissue or the cardiac device, thus making accurate diagnosis impossible. I will develop novel detection, analysis, and modeling methods to accurately determine which targeted microbubble vibrations eradicate 3D bacterial biofilm infections on cardiac devices.


The Bubble Cure project will result in a novel multidisciplinary technology that allows accurate diagnosis and treatment of cardiac device-related bacterial biofilm infections, thereby creating a whole new direction of tMB ultrasound imaging and therapy in the scientific field of cardiology and microbiology.

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European Research Council (ERC) /
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