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Novel mechanisms regulating DNA repair activity of ERCC1-XPF

Project summary

The project consists of three parts. In the first part, we want to investigate how a newly discovered factor, UBR5, causes ERCC1-XPF to reach DNA damage. In the second part, we want to investigate how two other newly discovered factors, SATB1 and SATB2, together with ERCC1-XPF protect cells from DNA damage. The functional relevance of these factors will be studied using microscopy and various DNA repair, cell biological and biochemical experiments. Finally, in the third part, we aim to try to discover further ERCC1-XPF-related cellular DNA repair mechanisms that are currently unknown. With this important research, we expect to describe new factors that are important to prevent, together with ERCC1-XPF, genetic instability of healthy cells.

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Principal Investigator:

dr. Hannes Lans

Role Erasmus MC:



Moleculaire genetica

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