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Optimalisering van antibioticagebruik op de Intensive Care door middel van Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Project summary

Intensive Care (ICU) patients frequently have infections. To fight these infections many antibiotics are used. At present, the dosage of antibiotics is more or less the same for each patient, while all patients are different. This often leads to non-optimal treatment. Inadequate treatment can lead to higher mortality and longer hospital stays.

To overall aim of this multicenter study is to improve the treatment of adult ICU patients by determining an ideal individual antibiotics dosage per patient. During the project, two patient groups will be compared. Half of the ICU patients will receive a standard dosage of antibiotics. The other half will receive a dosage of antibiotics that is adjusted at an early stage based on a concentration measurement of the antibiotic in the blood. The latter is called TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring). For patients in the TDM group, the antibiotic concentration is entered in a model. The same day, the ICU doctor will receive an advise on the ideal personalised dosage for the patient. The primary outcome would be to reduce the duration of admission of patients.


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Dr.B.C.P. Koch (Prof. dr.  J.W. Mouton†)

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