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Palliative Sedation: How to proceed?

Project summary

Palliative Sedation (PS) is the willful reduction of awareness of a patient in the last phase of life. Since 2005, the rate of PS has steadily increased (2005: 8%; 2010: 12%; 2015: 18%). This project will determine the reason for this increase and consider whether the guidelines should be adjusted.
We will analyze the existing data and conduct intensive interviews with physicians, other caregivers, patients, and their families to gain new insights. We will also analyze data from 1000 patients that were guided through the last phase of life by the program Carepath Dying Phase (Zorgpad Stervensfase). Using our results, we will develop new educational materials for professionals and the public, and we will give advice about potential adaptations of the guidelines Dying Phase and Palliative Sedation of the KNMG, the Carepath Dying Phase, and the Quality Framework Palliative Care.

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Principal Investigator:

Prof. dr. Agnes van der Heide

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