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Patient in the lead in remote oncological care: the prospective, multicentre implementation study: the PROMISE

Project summary

We aim to provide personalised follow-up in the home environment to give patients more influence over their own control trajectory. We will create a unique platform in which patients will have insight and feedback on their quality of life, overall health and tumour markers. This innovative platform will be tailored to each patient through artificial intelligence

Through a platform, the PROMISE will give patients feedback on their quality of life, general health and tumour markers to suggest personalised advice for follow-up check-ups.


We expect that monitoring in a patient’s home environment will reduce stress and anxiety and can improve quality of life. In addition, patients will gain insight into their own health. It is expected that such a feedback system can be successfully implemented in the oncology care of the future, with the interpretation being determined based on patient needs.

After the project, the platform is expected to be immediately available to patients undergoing treatment for colon cancer, and then the platform will be set up so that all oncology patients can use it.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

dr. Dirk Grunhagen

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