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Promotion of healthy behaviour and prevention of obesity in workers with a lower socioeconomic position: an equity specific analysis of what works and why

Project summary

Previously conducted international research on lifestyle interventions suggests that these interventions are especially effective on healthy behavior and reducing obesity among employees with a high socioeconomic status (SES). So far, it is unclear whether this also applies to lifestyle interventions in the Netherlands.
The recent increase in Dutch lifestyle interventions in the workplace makes it possible to perform a meta-analysis to answer the question whether interventions are (in) effective for workers with a low SES, but also under which circumstances (intervention characteristics and work context) the interventions are the most effective. For this purpose, the data from previously conducted studies are re-analyzed, with the effectiveness being analyzed per level of education.


This study provides tools for lifestyle interventions for employees with low SES and thus contributes to reducing socio-economic health differences.

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Dr. Karen Oude Hengel

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