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Reading between the lines

Client :
Liquid Themes

Reading between the lines

Project summary

The online world and the real world increasingly overlap. Social media platforms seem to deepen differences between youth in terms of physical, mental, and social health. For instance, online advertisers are targeting vulnerable groups such as people with debts or poor health, and social media are used by some organizations to spread misinformation. We do not yet understand how online and offline worlds influence each other and thereby impact youths’ lives. Therefore, we aim to investigate how people in Rotterdam experience health, safety, and equal opportunities in both the online and offline world. To achieve that, we will connect a large health survey with state-of-the-art social media research. We will also explore how vulnerable people can help each other, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities in the online world.


Our project will aid policymakers in creating a healthy, safe, and fair online world.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. dr. Frank van Lenthe

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Maatschappelijke gezondheidszorg

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