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(REBACARE) REduce BlAdder CAncer REcurrence in Patients Treated for Upper Urinary Tract Urothelial Carcinoma

Project summary

Patients with carcinoma of the ureter or pyelum have a high risk of developing bladder carcinoma after a radicale nefro-ureterectomy. Postoperative rinses with chemotherapy significantly reduces this risk, but are not often used due to problems with extravasation in a freshly operated bladder. Rinsing the bladder just prior to the operation could lead to similar risk reduction without the extravasation issues.
The primary aim of the REBACARE study is to determine the efficacy in preventing bladder cancer recurrance of intravesical Mitomycine C rinses prior to radical nefro-ureterectomie or partial ureter resection. REBACARE is a multicenter observational study of 170 patients in 16 Dutch hospitals, led by Erasmus MC. The primary endpoint is bladder relapse rate at 2 years; the primary tumors as well as any recurrances will also be genetically profiled.


The REBACARE study can revitalize the treatment of upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma by providing a clinically useful means to reduce cancer recurrence.

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KWF & Stichting DUOS