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Robotic digital microscopy and Surgical process modelling (Micro)surgery Redefined (DiMiRoS)

Project summary

In (micro)surgical treatments, the surgical outcome depends on several factors. To improve on surgical accuracy and efficiency, there is a need to enhance the visualization of surgical details. In order to prevent complication, better insight in the surgical process is needed. Various parameters and strings of complex decision making are involved in performing a successful surgery. Surgeon’s experience, proper equipment, the right information for decision making, are some of the key parameters in performing a successful surgery. Hence, to safely perform a highly delicate oncological neurosurgery or restorative microsurgery, it is necessary to introduce innovative, practical and efficient solutions. The goal of DiMIRoS is to increase accuracy and efficiency of surgical execution while minimizing associated complications.


To achieve our goal, the objective of DiMiRoS is to:

  • optimize robotic digital microscopy with its enhanced (3D) visualization, better ergonomics, and the possibility to provide feedback during task performance, and
  • improve the decision making process using surgical process modeling and AI technologies.

To achieve these goals, we are departing from conventional microscopy, introducing and improving upon digital microscopy and digital guidance based on a surgical platform built on a suitable AI-model.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

D. Vasilic, Ph.D.

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Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgery

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