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Sex as a risk factor for clinically relevant adverse drug reactions

Project summary

There are indications that women suffer more from side effects than men. However, systematic epidemiological research to elucidate the differences in type and manifestation of side effects of medication in daily life has never been performed.
For this research the PHARMO Database Network, a database with over 3 million anonymized patient data includes medication, hospitalization, GP info and diagnostic analyses. The prevalence and incidence of medication-related hospitalization of men and women will be determined using the HARM+ list, a list of combinations of medication and outcomes, which are, according to an expert team, possibly medication-related.


Only when it is known which medicine cause sex-based different side effects and what type of side effects they cause, it will be possible to start follow-up studies to investigate the cause of those differences.

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Dr. Loes Visser

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