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Project summary

Dilation of the aorta in the thorax (aorta aneurysma) happens, by estimation, to 200,000 persons in the Netherlands. Each year about 1,200 preventive operations are carried out to prevent ruptures in the aorta. These operations are high-risk operations and should be carried out only if the risks of a rupture is bigger than the risks that accompany an operation.
The current study (SIZE MATTERS) investigates specific male-female differences in an aorta aneurisma such as size, growth, biomarkers, genetic factors, psychologic stress and sex-based differences during the operation. The obtained knowledge will be used to develop a decision model for the optimal timing of an operation and an information platform for patients so they can make a well-informed decision on whether they will or will not undergo an operation.


SIZE MATTERS strives for better male-female specific recognition of high risk patients, optimal timing of preventive operations, less stress, a better quality of life and better-informed patient decisions.

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Prof. dr. Hanneke Takkenberg

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