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Smart and Silent ICU (SASICU)

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Liquid Themes

Smart and Silent ICU (SASICU)

Project summary

Improving patient outcomes and reducing cognitive load of clinical staff in intensive care through medical-device interoperability and an open and secure IT ecosystem.

Over the decades, technical developments have resulted in a variety of different medical devices that dominate today’s intensive care work environment. Beside all the clinical capabilities and benefits these technologies provide, devices also contribute to an increasing complexity in care. Using technology stresses the cognitive strain put on healthcare providers in critical care. Combined with a big lack of clinical staff the complexity leads to an enormous workload.


Key deliverable will be a Targeted Alarm System (TAS) including several IT tools on the industrial side and study reports on the effectiveness of the TAS from the clinical partners. Realising this, a standardised IT-solution for monitoring ICU patients should be the next step after the project. On the long run it is intended to reduce alarms at ICUs significantly, decrease stress for patients and care takers and as result enhance the quality of intensive care. New technologies for data analytics will be developed and clinically tested to enable more reliable and individualised clinical decision support. Positive results and developments in this ICU-centred project may also be transferred to other areas in the patient care workflow.

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Principal Investigator:

prof. Diederik Gommers

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Volwassenen IC

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Innovative Health Initiative