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T-cell co-stimulation to improve immunotherapy

Project summary

The researchers want to make immunotherapy more effective by stimulating T cells in their fight against cancer cells.
Our immune system is able to fight cancer with a little help from outside. We call this help immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is clearly on the rise. The number of successfully treated cancer patients and the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2018 are living proof of this.
But that certainly does not complete the treatment. First of all, it does not yet work for every patient. In addition, there are many patients where the tumor eventually returns. That is why researchers try to further understand and improve the effect of immunotherapy.


In addition to a better understanding of immunotherapy, this study can also lead to an actual patient study after a successful examination.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Reno Debets

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KWF Kankerbestrijding