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The diagnostic challenge of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease

Project summary

Over 80% of patients with Alzheimer will experience neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS), such as gloom, fear ,apathy or disrupted behavior. These symptoms have a negative effect on the quality of life, disease course and health care expenses. There is no cure for Alzheimer, but NPS can be treated effectively. Therefore it is important to recognize these symptoms as soon as possible, so one could start early with the correct treatment.
This project aims to develop a faster and better recognition of these symptoms using status research of over 3,000 Alzheimer patients. In addition, neuropathologic and imaging research of people with different types of Alzheimer will generate more insight in the underlying mechanisms that lead to NPS. Lastly, an intervention study will set up.


Currently, NPS are not recognized or not recognized timely, and by consequence, understood and treated incorrectly. This research has as goal to develop a faster recognition and better recognition, leading to better quality of life and lower health care expenses.

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Dr. Janne Papma

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