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The Rotterdam Young Adults Clinic, the multidisciplinary policlinic for (young) adults with rare genetic disorders

Project summary

In the past, children with hereditary and congenital disorders rarely reached adulthood. Nowadays these children are treated by multidisciplinary teams and the medical care is so good that they become adults.
However, a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for adults with hereditary and congenital disorders  does not yet exist. The pediatrician is forced to hand over these patients over to physicians with insufficient knowledge of their condition, sometimes resulting in painful and expensive complications.
In this project, Erasmus Mc will start a new multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for these (young) adults (“Young Adults Clinic”). The complex care for young adults with rare syndromes is bundled in this clinic, so that the doctors and paramedics will gain a great deal of expertise in the field of these rare disorders.


The new multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for these (young) adults will greatly improve the care for this vulnerable patient group, leading to a better quality of life and ultimately lower healthcare costs.

More detailed information

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Laura de Graaff-Herder

Role Erasmus MC:



Project website:

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Funding Agency:

Stichting Coolsingel