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Vendor agnostic MR pulse programming – VAMPP

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Liquid Themes

Vendor agnostic MR pulse programming – VAMPP

Project summary

MRI is used both for clinical and scientific purposes. This is possible because of the many different pulse sequences that each result in different imaging contrast and information (e.g. anatomical versus physiological image, but also functional MRI). The development environments for these sequences are, however, protected by vendors and only accessible under non-disclosure agreements. Education on MR Physics, implementation of new sequences and transparency and reproducibility or research is unnecessary complicated.


In this project, we continue our work on a Philips-driver for an open pulse programming environment and demonstrate this with an advanced sequence on Philips, GE and Siemens scanners

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Principal Investigator:

dr. Dirk Poot

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Radiologie & Nucleaire Geneeskunde

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