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Project summary

Viruskenner is a project for primary and high school students to gain knowledge on (exotic) viruses. How do viral infections spread, what is their effect on the human and animal body, how do people get infected, and foremost: how to cure people or prevent them from falling ill?
Schools in The Netherlands, Italy, Suriname, Indonesia, Senegal are participating and join the Viruskenner community.
Like viruses, knowledge and awareness are not limited to borders. Students get to work in teams with the knowledge they gain during the project. The question is ‘How do I want to spread this knowledge’. They are supported by their mentors and Viruskenner coaches, who assist them wherever they can. On the national final days the teams from all participating schools pitch the best ideas together for a professional jury. The day is closed with the Viruskenner quiz: who is the Viruskenner of the year?


It is important for people to be aware and know that the transmission of viruses can be largely reduced. That is exactly what project Viruskenner aims for: to help create more awareness about viral diseases and the way we can fight the transmission of these viruses.

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