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Project summary

In this project, a consortium of 13 organizations (knowledge institutions, hospitals, companies and ethicists) are investigating whether it is useful and feasible to make human tissue available for scientific research. This human tissue comes from operations, such as residual intestinal tissue or skin tissue. That residual tissue is now often destroyed.
VitalTissue will be the first logistics infrastructure in the Netherlands that transparently, safely, and with consent of the patient, distributes and transports vital residual tissue to researchers. Many researchers need vital human tissue for, for example, health research or for research into the functioning and safety of medicines.
Currently, laboratory animals are often used for this type of research, but the translation of results obtained in animal models to the human situation proves to be very complex.


VitalTissue will stimulate the development of new techniques and models that will contribute to non-animal innovations.

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Dr. Martje Fentener van Vlissingen

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